As a former political animal turned writer, independent researcher, media personality, and healer, I have witnessed the depths of human behavior for the better part of 35 years. Because I had a very early introduction to politics, I got a head start on dissecting the how’s and why’s of people’s decision making processes.

The adages “politics makes strange bedfellows” and “politics is sexy” are absolutely true, if one knows where to look. That was something I became very adept at early on, which left me with the unique ability to not only listen to what people have to say, but also catch the subtle cues that would tell me what they were trying to hide. Couple that with the fact that I have been well-acquainted with “kink” for my entire adult life, and I am able to offer guidance without judgement on intimate matters.

Now, I choose to use those skills and experience to help people find a path to a positive lifestyle, and healthy attitudes about sex and relationships. Admittedly, politics is an addiction in itself, so I also continue to work on research and writing focused on public policy and laws on sex and relationships.


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